Just 3 in 5 count on their consultant



Just 3 in 5 (58%) suggested customers had high degrees of rely on their economic consultant in 2022, according to the current FCA Financial Lives study.

One in 10 (13%) stated they had reduced degrees of rely on their consultant, nonetheless, count on degrees have actually not transformed dramatically because 2017.

Economic consultants were additionally a lot more very relied on than economic companies generally.

Just 41% of grownups believed in the UK economic solutions market, and also simply 36% concurred that the majority of economic companies are truthful and also clear in the method they treat them.

Degrees of complete satisfaction with their consultant dipped somewhat.

In 2022 51% stated they are very pleased with their economic consultant, in contrast to 55% in 2020.

Over fifty percent (53%) stated they were very certain in the suggestions provided, and also 57% stated the suggestions they obtained was clear and also easy to understand.

When asked what aided develop rely on their economic consultant, customers stated the truth they are controlled by the FCA (62%), the credibility of the consultant’s company (41%), and also specialist credentials (34%) were essential.

Those with high count on were additionally more probable to mention the specialist qualifications or credentials of the consultant as one of the reasons that they trusted them very (42%) than those with modest or reduced degrees of rely on their consultant (28% and also 21%, specifically).

The Economic Lives study additionally highlighted that an absence of count on is additionally among the reasons that some are not looking to specialist consultants.

Just one in 5 non‑advised grownups (21%) concurred that economic consultants are honest.

Much less than fifty percent (45%) of non-advised grownups evaluated relied on economic consultants to act in the very best rate of interest of their customers.


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