Leading 5 – Lesser Understood Truths concerning Meebhoomi Land Records


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The various state federal governments are assisting Central authorities to keep on-line systems giving a large series of solutions as web infiltration remains to expand in India. One such internet user interface is the Meebhoomi 1b backed by the Andhra Pradesh State Federal government to record concerning land possession.

By accessing this website you can examine all land specs, proprietor information, and also obligations of an estate if it is within the region of Andhra Pradesh. To discover some one-of-a-kind realities concerning Meebhoomi land documents, maintain analysis.

What is Meebhoomi AP?

Meebhoomi AP is a windows registry kept by the State Ministry of Andhra Pradesh to guarantee a corrupt-free maintenance of land documents. This website began in June 2015 and also the Division of Revenue plays an essential function in running this center. The Meebhoomi AP consists of a collection of essences like Meebhoomi 1b, Meebhoomi Adangal, and so on, that goal to remove disagreements connected to:

  • Previous land documents
  • Nature of ownership
  • Location analysis
  • Dirt kind
  • Listing of existing obligations

What is the Meebhoomi 1b?

Meebhoomi 1b, among the critical parts of Meebhoomi AP, is an essence representing total documents of a certain story. The Division of Income of Andhra Pradesh evaluates and also brings modifications to this windows registry every so often.

This record can be found in convenient in a range of scenarios. As an example, you may be asked to create this remove while:

  • Going through a court case
  • Looking for a mortgage
  • Validating possession information in instance you agree to offer an estate

What are Some Lesser Understood Truths Regarding Meebhoomi Pc Registry?

All you understand without a doubt is that the Meebhoomi website supplies fast accessibility to story information and also relevant documents. Besides bring these information, you can use this online windows registry for various other objectives too, such as:

  1. You can download and install the encumbrance certifications or various other relevant documents that is witnessed by rightful authorities.
  2. The website supplies all information pertinent to various Pattas. These specs are precise as they are stemmed from Patta passbook details.
  3. You obtain lots of risk assessment and also land evaluating solutions from the Meebhoomi system.
  4. Besides land possession information, you obtain details relating to the plants expanded, dirt kind, and also resource of water.
  5. This website has suitable actions to lodge issues if you observe disparities while performing a title check.

Exactly How is Meebhoomi 1b Various from Meebhoomi Adangal?

As stated previously, both of them are different parts that can be accessed via Meebhoomi AP website. Right here are several of their distinct variables:

Factor of Distinction

Meebhoomi 1b

Meebhoomi Adangal


A Tehsildar keeps this windows registry.

Homeowner maintain this record to themselves as it tape-records minute information connected to a vendor.

Details shared

It supplies details relating to story kind, home mortgage standing, as well as additionally the nature of a land.

Restricted details can be mapped such as the nature of the story, land kind, and so on

Lawful Exercise

This record holds importance while looking for a financing. In addition, relying on the liability standing of a story, the approvable home loan interest rates can differ.

It has absolutely nothing to do with lawful and also economic procedures.

Exactly How to Connect Your Aadhaar Card to Meebhoomi AP Site to Examine Land Records?

It is compulsory to connect Aadhaar information to Meebhoomi website prior to examining story specs. To attain this you require to comply with these actions:

Action 1: See the main internet site of Meebhoomi and also seek the ‘Aadhaar/Other Identities’ choice. Upon clicking this switch, choose ‘Aadhaar Connecting’.

Action 2: Continue with filling each empty room. Right here, you should go into the names of your area, city, and also town and also lastly offer the account number.

Action 3: As soon as you resolve the CAPTCHA code, examine the authorization box and also click the ‘Click’ switch to complete your Aadhaar connecting procedure.

What are A Few Other Important Tasks That Can be Achieved Via the Meebhoomi Site?

Besides fetching land documents for lawful events, we make use of the Meebhoomi AP for various other factors too. These consist of:

  • Inspecting town map
  • Confirming land conversion information
  • Searching For FMB or Area Measuring Publication
  • Bring georeferenced map

Seeing these items of details regularly is crucial as there can be some small modifications that should be done promptly. If you report any kind of disparity and also demand an adjustment, all required adjustments obtain mirrored within 15 days.

Exactly How to See a Town Map on Meebhoomi?

Right here are the actions to view an upgraded town map online:

Action 1: After opening up the main internet site of Meebhoomi, click the ‘Town Map’ tab on the homepage.

Action 2: A fresh web page shows up on your display. Place names of the area, area, and also town in the proper areas and also push the ‘Submit’ switch. The town map obtains shown on your gadget display.

In a similar way, you might additionally bring a georeferenced map by clicking a different tab presented on top of the homepage. As soon as, you click the ‘Geo Referenced’ choice, you obtain rerouted to the internet website of ‘Bhuvan’, an on the internet center kept by ISRO. Right here, you can scrutinise a story utilizing their inbuilt zoom function.

Exactly How to Validate Land Conversion Facts Online?

Once more, this critical information can be conveniently brought making use of the Meebhoomi AP user interface. All you should guarantee is complying with these 4 straightforward actions:

Action 1: Click the Land Conversion Facts tab offered on the homepage of Meebhoomi AP internet site.

Action 2: Enter your place information on the complying with web page; this consists of the names of the town, area, area, and also lastly the study number.

Action 3: To see the results click the ‘Submit’ switch.

Exactly how to discover an Area Determining Publication on Meebhoomi Site?

The FMB function shops information connected to dimensions of a certain story. It takes into consideration the complete location within the limits of an evaluated story. If you mean to see these documents, you can conveniently do so by visiting to your Meebhoomi account.

These are the thorough actions to bring an FMB:

Action 1: Click the ‘FMB’ tab on the homepage of Meebhoomi AP.

Action 2: On the following web page offer all the place information.

Action 3: Supply the CAPTCHA remedy and also struck the ‘Submit’ switch.

Action 4: Currently you can see the wanted outcomes. Nevertheless, if you obtain specific modifications, you should review their website after 15 days and also validate the upgraded information.

The Meebhoomi 1b effort is a considerable stride taken by the Andhra Pradesh Income Division in the direction of the digitisation procedure. Currently, you do not require to go to a Tehsildar’s workplace to order vital records as the authorities keep such town listings online. For that reason, following time you can just head to the Meebhoomi website to make use of these useful solutions.

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